The Captive

How do you insure your business risk?

from Paramount

Every person, every business has risk – what matters is how you manage, control and insure that risk. With The Captive from Paramount, we help you take control of that risk and make it work for you.

What is The Captive?

The Captive is a licensed insurance company designed to insure the risks of its owners. This provides an alternative to traditional insurance and is known as a “Captive” Insurance Company.

Why own an insurance company?

The Captive advantage offers the ability to;

  • Access to unobtainable or hard to get coverage, increased coverage and capacity
  • Greater control over claims and the claims process
  • Control over your renewal premiums resulting in reduced operating costs
  • Receive up to 60% of your premiums back, if you have no claims; improved cash flow.

The majority of Fortune 1000 companies and many successful middle market businesses have captives. Over half of all property and casualty premiums that are written, are written through captives.