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Why do Fortune 1000 companies and successful mid-market businesses have risk management departments?

They want to ensure they can identify, access and control as many opportunities and threats as possible to meet the organization’s desired outcomes. The more sophisticated a company, the more the company can manage its risk and can be an active participant in making important strategic, operational, financial and hazard decisions.

Learning about The Captive takes time to determine if it is right for your business. To help you learn as much as possible, our partner, Ambassador Captive, has produced a series of videos. We invite you to watch two of these videos below to learn more.

Captives are licensed by many jurisdictions. Many captive insurers are located in the US or in numerous other locations such as Belize, Bermuda, The Cayman Islands, Ireland, Guernsey, Luxembourg, Singapore and the British Virgin Islands. In the United States, Vermont is home to more captive insurers than any other US state.