Business Insurance

We work with you to complete an evaluation and risk analysis of your business.

Business Insurance

We work with you to complete an evaluation and risk analysis of your entire business. We help you manage your risk by designing a plan to optimize your opportunities and to minimize your threats to achieve your desired results.

Insurable Risks


We work with our clients, to put a proper plan in place to proactively manage risks. Just getting a quote for insurance to get the lowest price, actually puts many trucking firms in harm’s way. If you are looking for the kind of brokerage that will help you manage your risk through intelligent and proactive strategies, contact us.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is a very complex industry, with a lot of opportunity for profit and growth. With that opportunity, comes tremendous exposure and potential costs as well. Like any investment, the greater the opportunity for reward, the greater the risk. Our focus is to protect your money, assets and overall business success.

Contractors and Construction

Understanding what is and what is not covered by an insurance policy is important. By managing your risk and planning, items not covered by an insurance policy, can be addressed to mitigate any loss or potential loss. Bottom line, contractors should not be put in a position where they are assuming a risk that they are not aware of.

Farm and Agriculture

Farms have some unique exposures to loss, which are not normally covered by insurance. For example, the success or failure of the crop or livestock, commodity prices, cost of goods, ability or inability of the farmer to perform their duties, perpetuating the business through a good exit strategy to allow the farmer to retire, and many more. We specialize in helping farmers manage those risks by designing an individualized detailed plan.

Real Estate and Property

The differences between commercial and residential properties, are as unique as the tenants who occupy those properties. From the rights of the tenants, to the various exposures to loss they have today vs. when you first started renting the property. It can be difficult to keep abreast of all the changes. Our process assesses and mitigates the unique exposures to loss and capitalizes on opportunities to optimize real estate value.

Employee Group Benefits Insurance

There are two aspects to a good benefit plan. First is the plan itself. Does the plan contain the proper benefits and is the plan competitive in the marketplace? Second, is the plan being properly communicated to prospective new employees, as well as current employees? Do they truly perceive the value of the benefit plan and as a result, is that plan working to retain and obtain the best employees.

Directors and Officers Insurance

Know your risk. Directors and officers, their families and/or their heirs can be held liable for: wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment, patent infringement, misrepresentation of facts, molestation, uninsured losses etc. Ignorance of the law and requirements does not lift the burden. The team at Paramount Insurance is poised to provide the right advice to help directors and officers be more effective and be assured that they are properly advised, so they too can make the right decisions.

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I like that Paramount actually took time to understand my business. My previous insurance provider just didn’t do the work and then just lumped me in with other drilling companies. I am an environmental drilling company and Paramount was able to decrease my insurance payments because of that. Paramount really takes the time to understand.

Josh Ernst
Ernco Environmental Drilling