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We are not an assembly line of quotes. Instead we ALWAYS take the time to learn about you and provide protection that meets your specific needs.

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What goes into getting a quote?

We build relationships and learn as much as we can about our customers because we find it truly makes a difference in your insurance.


Joanne came to us saying she needed home insurance.

During the EDUCATION step in our PEAK process, we found out that Joanne had a second job selling beauty products. This prompted us to ask a lot of questions about this business:

Why did we ask so many questions? We needed to make sure that Joanne had enough liability to cover her in the event an accident when driving or hosting a party, if the product harmed someone or if products were stolen from her home.

We asked, “Why did Joanne have a second job?” Joanne was saving up for a Disneyland vacation with her kids. We also shared with her the importance of purchasing a travel insurance policy vs depending on the coverage that is likely found on your credit card.

We also asked Joanne, “How old are your kids?” We wanted to make sure we had her insurance placed with a great company where you can start earning loyalty and that will also hold value for her kids to have a policy with when they turn 16.

We asked about her husband’s job. As an independent contractor he stores client’s information on a laptop. We helped him safeguard against cybercrime and an appropriate insurance for business interruption.

Additionally, we have an in-house consultant who can help Joanne’s husband gain clarity and traction in his business and can introduce him to other clients who may benefit from his expertise.

Every aspect of Joanne’s life matters to us. Our role is to learn more and find out how we can help keep Joanne and her family protected. Our process for providing a quote may be more intensive than others and it means you’ll be better protected as well.

Our focus is to approach your individual risks and opportunities with individual solutions.

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Personal service from consummate professionals. Warm, understanding, friendly, and compassionate staff. They won’t just sell you insurance, they will make certain that you are purchasing the correct insurance for you, your home, family, or business. Trustworthy, locally owned… I can’t praise these guys enough.

Lisa Spencer-Cook