Distracted Driving FAQ

Depict Distracted Driving

We are back with another FAQ blog – this one with a focus on distracted driving. We’re here to share our knowledge and expertise to ensure that You are informed, educated and up to date with valuable information.


What is distracted driving?

It can be anything that takes your attention away from the road because of another task… And it isn’t only texting or using your phone. It could be chatting on the phone or with passengers, eating or drinking, or using your navigation or entertainment system; you could glance at your phone at a red light and it would still constitute as distracted driving

This may sound a bit extreme, and while not all of these actions are illegal, they can impair a driver’s performance, reduce a driver’s awareness and increase the rate of collision. In 2016, 21% of fatal collisions were products of distracted driving. 

What happens if I get pulled over for distracted driving?

You would receive a minor conviction as far as fines go according to the Alberta government. However in the eyes of the Alberta insurance rate board it is considered a major conviction.

Essentially, in the long run it can affect your ability to insure future vehicles.

Distracted driving isn’t only extremely dangerous and risky, but it can also be very costly if you get penalized for it. Not only can you expect a monetary fine, but also a significant increase in your insurance.

How much do insurance premiums usually increase after a distracted driving ticket?

Distracted Driving tickets come with a rate increase of +200%. As far as insurance premium is concerned, they are worse than getting an impaired. And in some cases, an insurance company will deny Collision or Comprehensive coverage for those with a DD conviction (or impaired, or even a minor conviction in some cases). So, if it’s a vehicle that requires Collision & Comprehensive (leased or financed vehicles), you’ll be out shopping for coverage due to your insurance company not offering it… and a lot of companies will be the same.

What can I do to actively stop distracted driving?

Ensure you stow your phone before you drive. Pick your playlist and set your route before you leave! If you have an important text or call, pull over to a safe area and put your vehicle in park before responding to it. Keep your eyes on the road, and hands off your phone when you’re in the car, and encourage friends and family to do the same!

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like distracted driving, but that is why we are here to educate you and share our knowledge! DD can easily be prevented, so before you pick up your phone, think twice; protect yourself and everyone around you! Learn more at