Cyber Risk Management & Coverage

Did you know…

Cybersecurity is an ever-increasing concern for businesses of all sizes.  From internal breaches caused deliberately or inadvertently by staff, to computers freezing due to ransom-demanding hackers, your operations could be compromised with a few clicks of the mouse. 

 So, you ask….

What is a data breach? 

A data breach is the loss, theft, accidental release, or accidental publication of personal information such as Social insurance number, bank account information, credit card number, driver’s license, or other private information as defined by law.

How can a data breach occur? 

Data breaches are most commonly caused by a malicious act of a hacker.  However, many breaches can happen by accident.  Data breaches are an inevitable part of running a business with today’s increase in the usage of digital technologies.  Data breaches can result from:

  • Stolen or lost paper files
  • Payment card fraud
  • Mailing, faxing or emailing sensitive documents to the wrong person
  • Computer system compromised by cyber threats or improper security
  • Stolen or lost hardware such as laptops, cell phones, computer disks, USB flash drives or portable hard drives.
  • Employee error or oversite

Who needs data breach coverage?

All businesses that handle or store private business, customer or employee data are at risk of a data breach.  The chance of a breach is especially high for businesses that routinely deal with credit cards, patient medical records, social insurance numbers and other sensitive private information.

What types of coverage is available?

  • First-party losses incurred by your business such as network business interruption, cyber extortion, malware attack, data protection, restoration and recreation, forensic IT, services to affected individuals, PR services to respond to the potential impact of the breach on business relationships, notification to the regulatory authority.
  • Third-party damages and expenses such as expenses resulting from a violation of privacy law, regulatory defence, penalties, payment card fines,
  • Expenses for professional services such as legal, public relations and crisis management.
  • Specialized claim services and support.
  • And more….

We are here to help keep you Protected, we do that through Education & risk Assessment – giving you the Knowledge to make the best decisions for you & your business. It’s our PEAK Process – give us a call & let us work through your potential cyber risk & exposure together.