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Blog #1 – Computers and IT

It’s been over a month since the shelter-at-home message was sent out from the Alberta government and if your employees could work from home – you’ve made the shift.

But now you have questions about what if scenarios.

• What if my employee’s computer has a problem and quits working?
• What if they end up having spam or virus issues?
• What if the computer is used for personal use – streaming music or videos?

We can help answer some of your questions.

First – It is always important to check your current policy and the company specific wordings. Every company is different and your coverage is always dependent on what type of policy & extensions (or ‘floaters’) you carry.

With that said, in most cases your general liability will extend to your employees no matter where they are working from, the same can be said for your employee benefits & WCB.

Your equipment and IT coverage may or may not extend, depending on the wordings – there could be an additional coverage (called a ‘floater’) that needs to be added or an entirely new policy may need to be written. It goes without saying that the best case scenario is the coverage for your IT automatically extends. It is imperative that you read the wordings or contact your broker to get a full breakdown of coverage.

Internet based risks more generally, your business’ liability for a data breach involving sensitive customer information; such as credit card numbers, account numbers, drivers’ licenses and addresses, need to be top of mind.

Second – If you haven’t taken the time to execute your Cyber Insurance policy, now is the time – the options available can be tailored to best suit your current and future needs. Furthermore, we recommend purchasing cyber security software, making it universally available & free of charge to all employees personal devices (computers, tablets, etc) &/or the devices they are borrowing from the office. This is an excellent risk strategy to put into play to help avoid the hassle of a breach, putting in a claim (if you have a policy in place) and the expense to go along with it.

If you have questions about what your current policy does or does not cover, or if you would like to talk about your cyber insurance options, please do not hesitate and get in touch. Although we are not accepting walk-ins to the office right now, we are always available by phone, email or video conference.

Please call 403-347-8400 or email