Here We Grow!

Have you had the pleasure of speaking with this woman?? 

Introducing Tiffany Crone – Personal Risk Advisor & (soon to be) Licensed Life Insurance Advisor

We are so happy to have Tiffany on our team, she has been with us since September of 2020 and we are ever-so-grateful. Why did we wait so long to give her the big reveal?! Well, to be honest, you guys can be overwhelming with all your excitement so we gave her some time to settle in & get comfortable before letting you all in on our secret!

Tiffany spent the 2020 COVID summer prepping & passing her Level 1 General Insurance exam (with three kids at home, may we add!!) & has spent the winter prepping for her LLQP exam. She’s whip-smart, funny as heck & cares about people as much as we do. Can we talk about determination?!?! Shoooot.

Thanks for the belly laughs, your sunny disposition & for agreeing to be part of our team, Tiffany!! We can’t wait to see where you grow from here!!

Your Paramount Team