Traveling & Covid – The How-To

The following text is subsequential to an article called Travel Insurance and COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs Answered for Canadians on Please read the article for full details.

The end is in sight!

Now that over 50% of Canadians have had at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, we can finally begin planning our travels once again!

As this is the case, 41% of respondents of the recent outbound travel report say they plan to travel domestically this summer…. And here is what people have to say about it!

They are planning on visiting and spending time with friends and family;

Planning on staying close to home;

And planning on visiting destinations where they feel safe and comfortable, and where the COVID-19 infection rate is low

With travel, comes questions… Here is what you need to know insurance-wise if you’re planning on travelling this summer; domestically & internationally:

Your basic emergency medical policy does not cover your for COVID-19; COVID insurance must be purchased as well

You don’t need to worry about COVID insurance if you are only travelling domestically; your provincial healthcare plan will cover you!

To learn more about your travel insurance, and your coverage – contact your insurance provider today.

Travel safe AND smart this summer!