Cyber Security in 2022

depicting cyber security and digital risk

Cyber Security in 2022 – and how to prepare you and your business for digital risk…

*All information retrieved from the Coalition 2022 Claims Report*

Tech is such a significant force in today’s economy Рand something we should all know more about! While technology has brought us digital workspaces, streamlined consumption, and intelligent software, it has also brought on a significant risk Рdigital risk.

We know what you’re thinking – how does digital risk affect me and my insurance policies? Digital risk comes in a number of forms. But there has been a significant rise in ransomware attacks over the last few years.

Ransomware demands have increased significantly over the past two years and have had an impact on a number of industries. However, we are seeing small businesses being unequally impacted by this. In 2021, demands averaged $1,800,000.00 – a cost unrealistic for many organizations. 

The frequency of other cyber attack techniques are rising as hackers expand their tactics. This is reshaping the way we view and respond to digital risk. Take the time to learn about your organization’s potential vulnerabilities, and ways you can reduce risk.

Tips for Ransomware Prevention and Recovery

  • Maintain good backups
    • Develop a schedule to backup critical and non-critical business data; ensure they are viable and maintain copies!
  • Keep your servers updated and patched
    • Keeping your servers up to date can make the difference between a minor inconvenience and a ransomware attack.
  • Implement strong passwords and multi-factor authentication (MFA)
    • Adopting strong passwords and MFAs can help mitigate attackers’ success rate.
  • Disable remote desktop protocol (RDP) and implement zero trust protocols 
    • Organizations often implement RDPs to support remote work – but they also leave your organization vulnerable to potential cyber risk. Try a virtual private network!

Visit our friends at Coalition for more information about how you can protect yourself and your business from cyber attacks.