Summer Insurance Tips

Summer is here! Proper planning and home maintenance is the key to a safe and enjoyable summer season – because as the temperature rises, insurance claims can often follow. We are here for some summer insurance tips and tricks to keep you and your family safe this summer. 

Summer Barbecuing

It is cookout season! However, being the BBQer comes along with some responsibilities! When BBQing,

  • – Keep a fire extinguisher close by
  • – Keep kids away from open flames
  • – Ensure you are properly cleaning and storing your grill
  • – Check regularly to ensure there aren’t any leaks or blockages


With summer here, thieves and vandals know it is more likely for homeowners to be on vacation – and leaving their homes unoccupied. Theft is usually covered by your homeowners insurance, however there are things you can do as a homeowner to protect your property and belongings. 

  • – Mount motion detection lights 
  • – Add deadbolt locks to your windows and doors 
  • – Consider smart devices like locks and video surveillance that can be controlled remotely 

Note – these added precautions could lower your insurance premiums as well!

Summer Storm Damage

Sunshine and heat are always the first things that come to mind when you think of summer. But rising temperatures also bring summer storms – and while the rain and wind may cool us off, they can also cause a considerable amount of damage. While we cant control the weather, we can take some precautions to keep us safe! 

  • – When summer begins, assess the condition of your home. Seal any cracks in the foundation, walls, doors and vents 
  • – Check your shingles and light fixtures to ensure they are secure 
  • – Clean your gutters and check for spots that could potentially overflow
  • – Keep your tall shrubs and trees trimmed 


While we all love summer – we all know it comes along with pests and bugs! Mosquitoes, spiders and critters thrive in heat and humidity; check your home for signs of infestation and any damage from pests.

  • – Spraying insect repellent is the easiest way to protect your home from these little buggers
  • – You can hire a professional, or purchase over the counter insecticides
  • – Keep your home clean! 
  • – Check windows and screens for holes and tears 

Review your policy!

Check your policy! Having the right insurance policy that fits you and your families needs is the best way to avoid problems and enjoy the summer as much as possible! 

Do you still have questions about your insurance policies and how you can keep your home up to par this summer?! Contact us today!