Insurance FAQs, Answered

So many people have questions when it comes to the insurance industry; and we want to answer some of them! We know how intimidating it can be when there is a lot of unknown, so it is our goal to give you some answers to help you feel more informed. 

What does GRC mean?

GRC stands for Guaranteed Replacement Cost. It means that your insurance company will guarantee the cost to replace your home or simply an item in the event of a loss.

Are damages to my vacation trailer covered automatically under my home or auto policy? 

The short answer is kind of. Liability does extend from the auto towing the trailer, however you must carry a specific policy to cover the physical damages for your trailer (whether it be a vacation, utility or flat deck trailer). 

Is my windshield covered under my auto policy? 

Windshield coverage can be included in your auto policy, but most times it is more costly than actually replacing the windshield itself. At Paramount, we suggest excluding windshield coverage under a form called an SEF 13d (which can be found on your policy documents) and have several reputable shops we recommend to have rock chips repaired as soon as possible to avoid spreading.

Is my quad, motorcycle or boat covered under my home policy while it is parked in my garage or shop?

No.. all recreation vehicles must have their own insurance policy or must be specifically listed on an existing policy. 

What does collision cover?

Collision covers damages to your vehicle and will protect you; *subject to your deductible*, in the event of an accident where you’re deemed at fault or in the event of a ‘hit & run’.

We are always open to answer any other questions you may have, and here for you whatever you may need; email us or message us on LinkedIn or Facebook! 

We will have more FAQs answered soon to keep You in the loop.