Why do I Need Travel Insurance if my Credit Card has it?

Why do I need travel insurance if my credit card already covers it?

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We know – we’re all looking forward to planning those future vacays and travelling! Before taking off, don’t forget to pack your travel coverage with you! Whether you are venturing out of province or exploring a new country, this coverage will give you the peace of mind you deserve! 

While you most likely have some coverage through your employer’s group benefits, or through your credit card, they are no match to TuGo’s coverage options. 

Don’t let your credit card’s coverage stop you from traveling as long as you like! Most credit cards cover for 25 days or less – with TuGo, you pick the trip length YOU need. Give us a call, so we can work together to choose the best coverage for you! Whether it be a single trip, or 365 consecutive days of travel, we can find coverage that fits you best!

Travel is all about connecting with family and friends. While your credit card coverage will cover you, it will not cover anyone else! TuGo offers plans that can cover your friends and extended family with their Family & Friends plan. With this plan, up to 2 adults (under 59) and up to 6 children can share a plan. Keep everyone protected while you are all traveling!

Unlike credit cards, TuGo offers coverage for those adrenalin junkies! By adding their Optional Sports & Activities Coverage, you can protect yourself whether you are scuba diving, or skydiving! The perfect way to enjoy your trip, worry free. 

While credit cards come with some great benefits, when it comes to travel insurance it is better to err on the side of caution, as most find a lack of coverage with their credit card.

While you plan your dream vacations, give us a call so we can help find the best coverage for you! 

Are you ready to experience more than what your limited credit card coverage has to offer? Contact your trusted insurance professional at Paramount today, and we will help find the best fit for YOU. 

It’s our PEAK Promise.